Friday, January 30, 2009


My people, I'm in a bad way. For one thing, I keep sensing Spring right around the corner and you know what? It most definitely is not right around the corner. Not by a long shot. That's right. We've got February, March, and probably most of April. I don't understand why my mind would play such a cruel trick on me. I'm like one of those dogs that starts to think that a stuffed animal is its puppy. Either way it ends in heartbreak. Not only am I ready to move on from winter, I'm sick of complaining about it and I LOVE to complain! I'll leave the winter rant at that.

There are other things holding me down, y'all. Work? Busting my balls. On the list of things that I complain about the most, weather is #1 and work is #2. Right now, there isn't a lot of benjamins being tossed my way with this whole economy fiasco. That's bad enough, but the bosses are choosing this time to be all "we're not providing uniforms anymore" and "you need to get your shirts dry-cleaned" or "blah blah teamwork through hard times." And I'm all "teamwork goes both ways" and "no, I won't pay to have my shirt cleaned because I'm not making any money." Plus, I kind of feel like I've somehow stumbled onto my manager's bad side and don't really know when this happened. All I know is that lately she's been scolding me like I'm in elementary school. I think that I'll shift back into her favor because, well, we're friends. Like 'have hung out outside of work' friends, but until that time when I'm welcomed back into the fold, I'll just have to give her no reason to be annoyed at me. When she picks me out of the crowd to quiz me on what grape varietal a Vouvray is, I can say "chenin blanc" and then we'll high five or maybe have a toast.

And then there's school life. It's not all bad. My classes are pretty interesting and I only have one day a week when I have to be on campus before noon (that day is Friday so some of my crankiness might be explained). Still, it kind of feels like my mind is still on vacation or maybe it's already graduated. It's the same with living in Madison. I'm here and will likely continue to be until I graduate (which is at least a year away), but my mind feels about a thousand steps ahead. Perusing Chicago apartment and job listings are a weekly event for me... or maybe it's just weekly torture.

In short, all I want to do is quit my job in exchange for one at The Daily Show, move to a big city (because then all of my problems will be solved, right?), and live in a world where it's only winter for a month out of the year. Or at least have a marathon of The Wire this weekend and not think about school or work or the cold. Until one of these options becomes true, I'll just look at this photo:

Monday, January 26, 2009

small spaces #1

Come August, I will likely be making the move from a quaint three bedroom house to a studio apartment. These are sad tidings as I love where I live. The house is cute from the outside, cozily furnished from the inside, I've painted my room the perfect color, and one of my roommates often makes lasagna or other savory goodies that he is generally willing to share. Our living room is full of records and band equipment (none of which belong to me) that frequently provide a relaxing soundtrack to my Sunday mornings (as long as they stay away from reggae). As someone who has a hard time getting out, another perk of my living arrangement is having friends who live right across the hall. Alas, these friends are ready to move on to different things and I'm both too lazy and socially sensitive to try and find new roommates.

Luckily, I'm finding ways to stay positive about the whole thing. There are some great perks to living alone. For one, I get to go to bed without worrying whether or not I'll be woken up by my roommates when they come home at bar time (respectful as they are). And what if I don't want a Sunday morning soundtrack? No problem... unless I have awful neighbors.

One of the main things that I'm looking forward to is the prospect of decorating my own place and making the best out of a very small space. There will be no need to compromise if one roommate does not like this painting here or there. It will go where I like it. And if I stop liking it there? I will move it.

I've been spending a lot of time at interior design blogs like Apartment Therapy, looking for inspiration and have certainly found plenty. It's amazing what people do with small spaces.

Though I'm quite certain that I won't be moving to a tiny cabin, I do love the idea of it, right down to the dog on the porch.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


image taken from weheartit.

This is what I imagine Steve Holt's childhood to have been like had he grown up with a father.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grass and suitcases

Just to be clear, I'm not getting married. I don't mean that in an "I'm never getting married" type of way. I'm all for marriage. In fact, I think that any adult should have the right to experience wedded bliss. Or not. You know, do whatever is right for you. Boy, do I love rights. Back on topic, I'm currently not getting married, but that doesn't stop me from reading blogs from people who are. Recently, reading Cup of Jo, I found the most charming save-the-dates.

The couple, supposed middle school sweethearts (gag me with my own loneliness), lied in the grass to have this picture taken. Despite my bitterness, I love the way that it turned out.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank God...

...I won't have to look at this stupid mother fucking piece of shit's face anymore.

A few notes on the inaguaration:

-I'm pretty sure that Cheney didn't actually hurt his back. They needed to use the wheelchair because the monster that lived in his body has vacated, leaving behind an humanish-looking shell that is completely inanimate when cut off from it's mother.

-Does any one think that the whole Rick Warren thing was worth it just to hear him try to make Sasha and Malia unneccessarily "ethnic" sounding?

-Did you hear people booing?

-Did ABC really have to keep noting that no one seemed to be wearing hats?
A. Who gives a shit?
B. Didn't Aretha Franklin's hat make up for the lack of others? Seriously, the thing should have gotten separate billing.

Good luck, Mr. President. I'm ready to paint the White House black.

"Your people will judge you by what you build, not what you destroy."

Saturday, January 17, 2009

You Can Vote However You Like

In her car, my mom likes to listen to the hip-hop station. The other day, we were driving and the song "Whatever You Like" came on, making her squeal with glee (an admitted overstatement on my part).
"This is T.I., I believe," she said.
What's funny is that I had no idea who it was because I never listen to the radio and, yes, had never heard the song before.

Today, combing the blogosphere, I came upon this little video that I'd like to dedicate to her.

1. My ovaries just exploded over the abundance of adorableness.
2. I know that the election is over.
3. They've been invited to perform at the inauguration!

Hey Girl

So, there's this new website called Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling and the concept is kinda like lolcats, but, wait for it, instead it's about Ryan Gosling and what it would be like if he was your boyfriend and started every sentence with "Hey Girl." And (PLUS!) he speaks in grammatically correct(ish) complete sentences. Some of them are stupid and expected, like "Hey Girl, let's cuddle," but others are totally awesome.

Like this one.

Here are a few things that I would like to hear Ryan Gosling say:

"Hey Girl. The amount of time you spend on the internet makes you really attractive."

"Hey Girl. It's not unhealthy to find me most sexy when I play a skinny crack-addicted history teacher in "Half Nelson." P.S. I was awesome in that movie."

"Hey Girl. You can totally eat my left-overs."

"Hey Girl. No, I really would like to hear more about Chuck and Blair on last night's Gossip Girl."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ring-A-Ding-Ding, 2009!

As most bloggers know, there comes a point where you just don’t want to write anymore and think about throwing this whole blog thing to the wind. That’s how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks and am still feeling, but I decided to push through and type out an entry anyhow. It’s an exercise in creativity… or maybe narcissism… I’m not quite sure. Actually, I’ve been feeling quite creative lately. Not in the sense that I’m actually doing anything creative, but my mind seems to be brimming with ideas about short stories, screenplays, interior design, more web videos, etc. Only when it comes to fashion and blogging am I feeling blank. I sit down to write and end up watching an hour of ThunderAnt videos instead.

There are a lot of things to catch up on. We saw the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. I passed the New Year visiting my grandparents in Vancouver. On the plane ride out, I got sicker than I’ve ever been. I broke out into a cold sweat, got dizzy, turned white as a ghost, vomited multiple times, and felt like I had eaten a bowl of knives for breakfast. I suspect that this was caused by taking a percocet that didn’t belong to me just because the term “muscle relaxant” sounded nice for air travel (I get terrible travel anxiety). Let me be a lesson to you. Taking prescription drugs that don’t belong to you is never a good idea.

I stopped vomiting by the time we arrived in British Colombia, but the stress didn’t end there. Did you know that being around family is stressful? Did you know that being in Whistler whilst (alliteration! What-what!) having no interest in winter sports can be boring? I even tried tubing—turns out that sliding down a hill in cold snow is not that much fun. Did you know that it’s embarrassing to have a small emotional breakdown in a ski rental shop, no matter how nice your dad is being about it? Well, I know all of these things. Luckily, I also know that Vancouver has great shopping and restaurants, it’s great to celebrate my grandfather’s 77th birthday with him, and looking through old family photo albums is a fantastic way to spend an evening. In addition to that, I’ve discovered that I’m totally effing crazy for missing cold-ass Wisconsin so much and even more crazy for being so happy to be back and ready to start school.

Since I slacked in writing a “Happy New Year” post (Happy New Year, by the way), I wanted to use now to write out some of my resolutions. I don’t hate resolutions like some of my nearest and dearest. I think that we should strive for progression and that we need to allow change to enter our lives so that we can evolve. That being said, here are mine:

-Try not to talk bad about myself so much. I have a habit of self-deprecating when I get nervous and I’m really trying to stop.

-Stop bickering with my roommate so much. One of my roommates and I argue constantly about everything (except the house). Some company pointed this out to me and I realized how unattractive it is. Sure, a good debate here and there is fine, fun even, but to do it constantly just obnoxious.

-Be less passive in expressing what I want. It’s time to get aggressive in going after what I want in life. It’s not going to come to me.

-Be less crude… sometimes. I have a tendency to endearingly call people names like “cocksucker” or “twat face.” These names have a time and a place, but I can see how friends might become exhausted when I never call them by their actually names, insisting on using expletives instead. Sorry, guys.

-Lastly, be Tina Fey. I think that if I were to idolize anyone, it would be her. I love that she created her own career and has kept her (I hate this word) quirk. I think that she gives hope to those of us who are funny, clever, and have maybe blogged one too many times about certain science fiction T.V. shows. Congratulations on Globes, Miss Fey!

PQK out.