Saturday, July 18, 2009


Blogs, man. I know that I've never been super reliable when it comes to posting, but lately, I've been the worst. Not only have I not been writing, but I'm way behind on reading as well. Today, I logged into my reader and it said that I had 200-something blogs unread! Holy bejesus! I can tell- you're freaking out, too. For the most part, I've actually been staying away from the internet and have been concentrating on rereading the last two Harry Potters. Say what you will, but those books are great. I can read them over and over, yet still be surprised by something new. Sadly, revisiting Hogwarts has totally renewed my envy of those who get invited to wizarding school. Fiction-scmiction, I say. Yes, I really am 22 years-old... do you think that they have wizarding grad school? I keep pointing at things and shouting "ACCIO CEREAL!" or "REPARO!" Nope. I still have to walk over to the honey nut cheerios and my dresser is still broken. My sanity, however, is obviously still intact. Speaking of HP, have any of you seen the new movie? I actually really enjoyed it.

Back to the Muggle universe (NERD). Today, Rachel and I had ourselves a little day trip to Mazomanie, home of the Wisconsin River's nude beach. We didn't make it to the waters (nor was it our intent, though Rachel did get partially naked at one point in our trip), but we did make it to Hattie's Closet, an amazing vintage clothing store. I got lucky and found a perfectly fitted dress from the forties that makes me feel like Barbara Stanwyck and a green satin hat that has a ginormous bow attached. The hat might make Aretha proud. I'm not sure that I have the confidence to pull it off as I've never been much of a hat person, but it was too darn pretty to turn down.

On the way back, we discovered this old cemetery with at least one grave dating back to the 1700's. Wisconsin's got loads of old places like that- it's one of the reasons that I love my state. The day was overcast and chilly, making the graveyard look even more beautiful and enticing. It was here that our friend may have momentarily removed a select few pieces of clothing... out of respect.

While our day concluded back in Madison with dinner at a Japanese restaurant and watching an improv show, there's something else that I want to spend my last paragraph discussing. On the drive out, we saw a sign advertising a brat fry. Brat fry? What the heck is a brat fry? I have lived in Wisco for my entire life and I have never eaten a brat fried. Boiled in beer, absolutely. With casing. Without. Yes. Yes. Beef/Pork/Turkey/Veggie. Uh-huh, I follow, but, I'm sad to confess, I am lost at fried. I guess this means that Wisconsin is kicking me out and it really is time for New York.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Things brewing in the PQK universe:

-After having the same cellphone since 2005, I finally traded in. Not only that, but I bought the Lexus of cellphones- the iPhone. Have you ever wanted to marry a piece of technology? Usually, I'm not the type to get all lusty over gadgets. Sure, I've maybe gotten breathy over a patterned mini-dress or Vampire Eric, but things that contain chips or motherboards or GPSs or what have you? Not usually my thing. But the iPhone? It's the coolest. It's so cool that I want to take a picture of myself holding it, only that would require a second iPhone, which really doesn't seem all that crazy right now. It'll be great for New York, where I'm likely to get lost all of the freaking time, because it contains map functions and restaurant apps and whatnot.

-Speaking of New York, my internship was momentarily jeopardized by the incompetence of an advisor. Luckily, I know people within the system, so I didn't have to lose my shit. Actually, that's a complete lie as my shit was lost multiple times. One of my biggest faults is my ability to throw myself into a complete panic, which, surprisingly, is not very solution oriented.

-Finding a place to live in the city is not very fun, especially when you have no way to check a place out in person. A little advice to people trying to rent a room on Craig's List:
1. Clean (or at least make your bed) before you take photos.
2. Spell check.
The last thing I want is a dirty roommate with bad grammar (weird, I know).

-Over the 4th of July, I went camping with a group of friends up near Crivitz, WI. While there, I ate some awesome fried walleye, drank my first old fashioned, drove around in an RTV, had a stomachache, and found two ticks on me. Since being back, I've showered, repeatedly checked my scalp for more ticks, and researched the symptoms of Lyme Disease. Fortunately, feeling perfectly healthy is not a symptom.

-Did you know that Rachel and I met Librarian Girl and Nordic Boy? Yeah, they're like the Joanne Woodward/Paul Newman of the internet (and, it turns out, of the real world), only I doubt what Paul and Joanne could contribute to conversations about sustainable living and throw-up (not discussed all at once).

-I have to go to work. Boo.

-Please watch this music video: Smell Yo Dick. Sorry, it won't let me embed.