Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fergus, Always.

Over New Years, I made a very informal resolution to write at least one blog entry a week for the next year. This resolution was seemingly realistic at the time however certain circumstances have kept me from my goal. This past Monday, my family and I had the unfortunate task of putting our dog Fergus to sleep. For those of you who didn't know him, it is near impossible to express his uniqueness. To us, he was always less of a dog and more of a person and we are grieving his loss accordingly. The last weeks of his life and his passing have been an exhausting process that unfortunately leaves little energy to devote to writing.

My world has a Fergus-sized hole in it. Not being able to smell his fur or hear the jingle of his collar when I come in the door has been embarrassingly heartbreaking. Still, I feel most confident that I will soon be ready to fulfill my blog-once-a-week promise with entries full of the joie de vivre that my handsome boy so loving embodied.

And here's a previous post about Fergus.


Amy said...

This is a beautiful tribute, and I loved reading the post from 2 years ago about him. It really captured him so well. Thank you for writing it.

Rachel said...

I totally cried reading this. Nothing parallels losing a beloved pet.

My heart goes out to your hurting heart, friend.

Librarian Girl said...

That made me weepy too. And that photo. Look at that face!

I'm sorry that you lost your friend.